Commercial Information

Having been a press photographer for many years and undertaken work for such clients as the BBC, Barclays Bank, NHS, Debenhams, Watchdog, London Brick, BMW, Mercedes, Eastbourne Borough Council, Oddfellows, WRVS, B&Q, Top Tiles, Grahams, Stagecoach, numerous solicitors, Berlitz and many magazines for PR companies,

I have realised over the last 15 years that the most important thing is to give the client what they want or what they wish to convey.

I have a full mobile lighting and having studied photography at Manchester University I can work under all conditions.

Work can be provided in neg. form, print form, slide film or digital format. All work is printed in house.

Having always taken the time to chat to people I feel I put people at ease and I believe I have a good eye for a picture and if the picture is going to a magazine, it often needs to be a tight high impact picture.

Work can be brought to the studio or collected if necessary.

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