Portrait Information

There is no charge for the photographs to be taken.

A few days or in your own time we can arrange for you to see your photographs and to chose if you would like them printed or on disk. Pricing for prints start at £12.00 for a 8x6. Packages are available. We believe photographs should be affordable for all.

Because we do all printing ourselves we can print to any size within a few days. We also handprint canvas pictures on site (click on link to the left for information on canvas prints).

A typical Portrait sitting
A portrait sitting should be fun and not a torture and the photographs should convey this. In the studio, apart from plenty of room, we have all the specialist equipment you'd expect for a studio to give you the best photographs.

Children's Portraits

Id like to say this is what I believe we excel at...photographing children of all ages is great fun and you have to be very spontaneous, have a good sense of humour as well patience.

We don't believe in rushing things, we go at the pace of the child. We try to make it fun for all to be involved, we are exceptional at making the situation fun. Please feel free to brig any special outfits along with any change of cloths but best to stay away from white. We don't want any floating heads with the usual white backdrop.

Baby Photography

We have found that just as the Child photography we need to move at the baby's pace. This is were patience is a virtue. Before booking think about the best time of day for the baby. Bring along plenty changes of clothing, a particular music box or toys that your little one is accustomed too is always a good idea to have along with you.

Couple's, Family & Group Photographs

We do singles, couples and large family (we can do group shots of up to 60).we do lots of family pictures and im a dab hand at entertaining !! Their is no time limit on the sitting as we don't like to rush people.
matt hunt portrait

portrait matt hunt eastbourne  photographic

Which clothes to bring or wear
Please feel free to bring whatever clothes you like. You may like some informal pictures and some smart, the choice is yours.It is best to avoid whites or very light pale colours as they don't photograph so well. If you like black and white pictures you need to wear dark clothes to make the pictures stand out.

matt hunt portrait

If you like the idea of jumping in pictures, which are fun, please have something comfortable and practical to jump in.
You may wish to bring some things like hats or dressing up outfits.

For babies, we have plenty of toys. However you may wish to bring in the little ones favourite toys or you may wish to bring some songs on your ipod for us to play. Often it is nice to have some pictures taken of the baby in its nappy as well as any change of clothes.

With babies it is best to book a time that you think will be best for the baby, also the sitting may take longer as we tend to take a few pictures and then mum/dad. Give the little one a hug and go at their pace!


We photograph many pets and tend to get lovely pictures, what you need is patience and a few treats. Don't forget to let us know the colour of the pet before hand so we can put up the appropriate background!


There is no charge for taking the pictures and it is entirely up to you if you would like to purchase any pictures. Prices start from £12.00 for a medium sized picture and a 10x8 photograph is £17.00 We can print up to A1 and larger! We do packages if you wish to buy several pictures, or you may rather have a C.D so you can put a few on the computer to show your friends.

Canvas prints are very popular, or you may just rather have the picture framed in a contemporary or classical frame.

After the pictures are taken

We will find a time that suits you to come and look at the pictures on a big screen. You will see them in Black/White and Colour. It is entirely up to you if you would like any photographs.