Passports and Visa Video to DVD ALL VIDEO CASSETTES

We do all Passport and Visas for every country..Digital or Print from day old babies
Different countries have different requirements ..different colour backgrounds and head sizes etc..we are very very accurate and check all pictures before we give them to you..They all pass as we check them with the embassy's !!
There are must not wear white must be tidy..and you must not wear stripey or dotty patters (these are facial recognition pictures)
If you are applying on line we will show you exactly what you need to do..its very easy
if you have any questions please ring as im very knowledgeable on passports and Visas

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We can convert all videos to DVD on the premises
. We have a standard charge of £15.00 for the first video and then £10 for each video after and for that we put all the contents of your video onto a DVD.
If the goes over 4 hours, we have to use another DVD since it is done in real time.
I watch the first 10 minutes of the video and if i think for any reason you would not want it I give you a ring first before proceeding , although, they can always be edited after if you wish once its on a DVD.
All work is done by myself and is usually ready the next day for you.If you have several videos the other ones are just £10.00..if you have two copies of the video etc put to DVD the cost for extra copies is just £5.00

Cine film to DVD
This is charged according to the amount of footage...the film is cleaned first and then put to DVD.

We have a retired chap who worked for the BBC who does these for us at very very reasonable rates about half the price of ASDA`s he cleans then and everything
video to dvd