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Over the years photography has changed a great deal, but what hasn’t changed is the style in which you take the picture.

A great picture is one where the people are naturally relaxed. I am very easy to get on with and I hope this reflects in my pictures. I have photographed many weddings and I have never had a bad review any of my pictures.

I also do a lot of pre-wedding preparation and cover all eventualities. I take the money for the pictures when you collect the proofs so you see what you are getting first.


Their are lots of ways of presenting your pictures.traditional album a modern feel photo book or you can have the images on a C.D so you can do what you like with them your self

All our weddings are priced according to what you want....they start off at £120.00 and the top package is £599.00 most of them you get all the images on C.D and a set of prints

Please ring me or send a request and I will happily send you a quote..its just in the past its unfair for some one to pay the same who is having a marriage at the Town Hall as some one who is getting married at for example St Johns in London !!

For mid week registry services or for attendance at the town hall, Please don't hesitate to ring